Prose Perfect was founded and is run by Molly Shih. With varied experience in a range of service-oriented industries, Molly combines a verve for networking and collaboration with the rare skill of being able to get a deep understanding of clients’ expectations and needs. The idea of ‘Guanxi’ sums up her approach to business, and Prose Perfect’s too: it’s about establishing mutually beneficial and lasting relationships, rather than simply providing a service, and she firmly believes that a return to a more personal, less automated way of doing things is long overdue. Many companies just want as many clients as they can get; we want to make sure that we’re giving our clients everything they need. Molly oversees strategy, our associates’ network, and collaborative initiatives.

Michael Springer is Head of Editorial and Writing. He has a PhD in English literature from the University of York, and taught at universities before coming to editing and writing. He has published research in peer reviewed journals and collected volumes, written copy for some of the most dynamic and exciting companies in the world, and worked as an editor and writer for leading global publishers. Michael is a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, and remains engaged in academic research. He contributes to and provides quality control for all of our writing and editorial services.

Shuo-Yi Shih is Head of Translation. Shuo-Yi has extensive experience of providing translation services for leading global LSP firms and on a freelance basis, having worked on legal, medical, financial, and other materials. Her qualifications include a Master’s in Interpreting and Translation from the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan; LTTC certification in Competency in Chinese and English Translation and Interpretation; TOEIC 975; and a range of other internationally recognized credentials.

We maintain a wide network of associates. Our philosophy is that work of the best quality – whether editing, writing, or translation – requires close familiarity with the material being worked on. The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and language is reflecting this: to ensure that your communications are getting the results you want, you need someone who is up to speed with these developments. For this reason, we collaborate with people who are qualified and experienced in your field. This renders benefits not only in respect of the clarity of the writing, but also means you get contributions regarding your ideas and content from people who really know the area. General-purpose editors, writers and translators simply can’t provide work like this; with us, it comes standard.