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High quality proofreading and editorial assistance for all writing: academic, business, legal, creative. From placement of commas to overarching ideas, we’ll make sure your work is as polished as a gem.

For editing and proofreading, we base our services on the four levels below:

Basic proofreading / editing

Basic proofreading / editing is your standard text-checking service

Technical proofreading / editing

Technical proofreading / editing is the next level up.

Comprehensive proofreading / editing
Comprehensive proofreading / editing provides a thorough check of basic correctness and technical requirements.
Developmental editing

Developmental editing is the most intensive, in-depth service we offer.


We specialize in transforming technical information into absorbing prose. We create articles, white papers, ebooks, speeches, apps, and other media to get your message in front of the right audience, and ensure that it sticks. Our clients include innovators who need to communicate their USP to the market, businesspeople and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their profile, creatives and influencers needing to boost their presence, and more.


We provide both primary and secondary research, for business, academic, creative, and other purposes.  For primary research, we can carry out both qualitative (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.) and quantitative (data analysis) studies. Secondary research can be conducted in any area, to derive insights for your purposes and shape strategy.

We specialize in helping individual entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures who need additional technical input, advanced information to support decision-making, and reliable data to support development.


We provide translation between English and Chinese, of any content, for any purpose:


University of York
Prose Perfect did an excellent work proofreading our website. They not only made a professional review and proofreading, but altered the text to make it sound more natural to our UK customers. On top of that they made a final revision of the website, when they made sure that all of the texts are in their places and everything is easy to understand. We would definitely recommend them, one of the best proofreaders. We are looking forward to our next collaboration.
Mate Zihlan
Pangea Global

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Prose Perfect specializes in technical writing, research, editorial and translation solutions. Since 2010, we have assisted thousands of clients with their text-focused needs. Whether for business, academia, arts and culture, or private individuals, we make sure your written communications get the results you need.

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