Editing And Proofreading

General levels of editing / proofreading.

General Levels

We provide four general levels of editing / proofreading, ranging from a simple check for correctness to extensive development and revision, according to your needs.

Basic proofreading / editing

Basic proofreading / editing is your standard text-checking service, suitable when you just need the text checked to ensure that it’s clean and correct. It checks:

Our Basic-level service will ensure that all errors are ironed out, and that your writing is professional and presentable.

Technical proofreading / editing

Technical proofreading / editing is the next level up. In addition to the basic proofread / edit, is also checks your work for adherence to relevant technical requirements (style guide, reference format, etc.), as well as ensuring that the formatting and layout of your paper are correct.

Technical proofreading / editing checks:

Technical proofreading / editing is suitable for any writing for technical purposes (medical, legal, academic, etc.) at a relatively late stage of development.

Comprehensive proofreading / editing

Comprehensive proofreading / editing provides a thorough check of basic correctness and technical requirements, and also adds input to help you develop and expand the work. With this service, your editor will give detailed feedback and advice on the strengths and weaknesses of the work, where it can be developed and enhanced, any areas needing attention, and so on. This is perfect for the early stages of drafting, when you’re still developing your ideas and honing your vision.

Developmental editing

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Developmental editing is the most intensive, in-depth service we offer. It differs from Comprehensive editing as follows: where Comprehensive editing provides advice about how the work can be developed, our Developmental editing service makes such changes directly to the work itself. It’s therefore suitable for situations when you’ve hit the wall with a piece of writing, and need someone else’s perspective to help take it to the next level.